Two epic races, shark attacks and an attempt to forget adventure: how Tom Salt founded Shoreseeker was through a very interesting journey...

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Shoreseeker was a company born in 2015 out of a passion for spending time at sea, escaping the pace and technology of life that seems to dominate us in the 21st century.  

My first taste was the Clipper Race. I found out about the race 10 years before I set foot on the yacht in 2009 to complete a round-the-world circumnavigation.  I knew that I was going to do the race one day, it was just a case of saving the money and finding the time to take a year out. The race completely changed my outlook on life.  Most of it subconsciously, but it fundamentally made me realise that with the right preparation, everyone is capable of taking on so much more than they imagine. 

I met Mike Burton on the Clipper Race.where we had created a very strong bond. In 2012, Mike got in touch with me and asked if I fancied rowing across the Atlantic. Neither of us had rowed before (nor have the physique of what would typify a rower) so I initially thought the idea was ridiculous.  

But it festered for a few days and I started to identify the same feelings that drew me to the Clipper Race. “Could I actually do this? I don’t think I could, in fact, I definitely don’t think I could, but I’d like to find out.

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We spent 2 years training, though neither of us ever thought we would actually pull it off.  We took the 6 week voyage one day at a time. Many things happened on the way that made us feel like we weren’t going to make it; losing our rudder,  a shark attack, and a marlin spearing the hull of the boat.  We dealt with everything we were faced with and did what we do best, stuck to a routine for 41 days.

I returned to a corporate job where I increasingly felt like I wasn’t being challenged the way that I needed. I had also met a huge number of people who would say things like: “I just wouldn’t know where to start raising the money to do something like that” or “I couldn't leave my family for that length of time”.  I realised that an ocean rowing boat could give real adventures to people who didn't have the time, money or ability to leave loved ones for months on end.

So I handed in my notice and set about planning a trial.  Boats were built and I wrote to a 100 individuals saying that I was looking for people to take part in two trial races between Barcelona and Sardinia.  I asked people to pay £1,000, which was significantly less than it cost to put on, but both helped with the costs and ensured that everyone felt committed. I was overwhelmed by the response, with over 40 people throwing their hats into the ring. And so it all began...


On the horizon...

2017 has been spent training people, building brand new boats, working with the UK's Maritime & Coastguard Agency to develop the regulations for a company to operate a commercial open-water rowing business and creating our exciting 2018 Challenges. 

Our 2018 Challenges will see you able to choose between UK and Mediterranean Challenges, with different races designed to offer different experiences. We have also launched our new take on our Taster Days and a new opportunity for Group Experiences. Everything has been developed to help you experience more.

The biggest focus for the year has been about bringing the right people together to make Shoreseeker a success.  It takes a large number of people with a huge amount of passion to bring this concept to life, and this special tam is only going to grow as Shoreseeker grows in popularity.  Tom firmly believes that for many, once they try open water rowing, it will be just the start of a whole new passion...