We only use the highest quality boats and even then we put them through their paces, just to make sure. We never settle for less, so that you can always do your best. 

Shoreseeker has recently created their new 2017 ocean rowing boats, which are at the forefront of ocean rowing boat design. These boats are a vast improvement on our 2015 model, with the usability and functionality being heavily designed around the rower. Our boats have been designed by Peter Bosgraaf and built by Rossiter Rowing Boats, the longest established ocean rowing boat builder in the world, now celebrating their 20th year.

Each boat caters for up to 6 people, meticulously designed for speed through the water whilst incorporating the highest levels of safety and navigation technology. Each boat is equipped with trusted safety equipment, such as a life-raft, VHF radio, EPIRB and AIS, which you will be trained by us to use.  Each boat is also equipped with a parachute sea anchor, which acts as a massive drogue, allowing the boat to hold its position in heavy weather, when the water is simply too deep to use a traditional anchor.

Our training will also teach you how to use the integrated GPS chart plotter, meaning you can navigate with confidence. The chart plotters contain all the charts of the areas of the world you will be rowing in, so port information, channel markers, water depth and distance to row is at your fingertip.


When you are on your journey, we know the importance of clear communication, both with your support boat and with your family and friends back home.  To make this as easy for as possible, we have included the following on each of our boats:

  • A satellite phone
  • VHF radio
  • A GPS tracker

This means you’ll be in regular contact with the race support team, while your friends and family can track your progress from the comfort of their living room or on their smartphones. The batteries on-board are charged by harnessing the sun's rays through the boat's solar panels, which power all the electrical equipment.  

Each rower will be sculling (using two oars), using sliding seats, so the majority of the power comes from your legs.  Steering the boat is done by maneuvering the rudder (at he back of the boat) which can either done by hand (using the steering lines) or by the rower in the stroke seat by adjusting their foot left and right.

You will carry everything you need for your voyage.  All your food and drink is stored in lockers that are easily accessible from your rowing positions, which is handy because you're going to be eating and drinking constantly.  You'll also be carrying spares and tool kits, because any gear failure whilst at sea, needs to be fixed by the crew.

Although it is very unlikely to happen, it's nice to know that if the boat capsizes in very rough weather, then it has been designed and built to self right in seconds.  Something that we rigorously test!  All crews are provided with life-jackets and safety lines, so that you are always attached to the boat. You can find out more about this on the Your Safety page.