We know that a challenge like this throws up at lot of questions - especially if this will be your first experience of ocean rowing - and we want you to have all the facts! 

We have put together this FAQ page to help you with any questions you may have, from understanding what being aboard our boats is like to dealing with the dreaded sea sickness. We are always looking to improve this page with information that you are after, so if you feel that we are missing a question just contact us and let us know. This way, we can give the information that is important to you. 


What is included?

By signing up to a Shoreseeker challenge you will receive the following:

  • Professional sea training
  • Use of a state of the art, Rossiter ocean rowing boat with skipper
  • The latest safety and navigation technology
  • Custom designed clothing to deal with all the elements
  • Full support team and boat whilst training and racing
  • Ultra-lightweight, high nutritional food, as well as drinking water

Is this for me?

The only requirements for you to complete a Shoreseeker challenge is to be over the age of 18 and have reasonable level of health and fitness. If you can say yes to these, then Shoreseeker is for you!

We understand that, for those who have never completed such a challenge before, it can be difficult to imagine that this could be for you. But ask yourself: “Why not?”. Shoreseeker has been designed for every level, from those with plenty of experience to those who have absolutely none. We believe that everyone should have this chance – even you.

How safe is it?

We take safety extremely seriously - which is why we insist every Shoreseeker challenger completes either 4 days of sea training. We also use the best safety design and technology in our vessels and the best personal safety equipment.

We don’t want to just churn out “an experience”; we want to share expert knowledge and training so that each of our challengers feels confident and responsible at sea. Our Safety page has more information for you to view alongside some of our previous participants testimonials.

How much does it cost?

The UK Race Series costs £1,990. This includes your training and everything you'll need for your race and also a skipper. Additional legs cost £995.

You are not committed to the cost of the race until you have completed your level 1 training, by which time you will have an excellent understanding of what is involved.

Please get in touch by phone or email to book in an informal discussion about the race series, so that we can give you all the information.

Do I need travel insurance?

We require everybody to have travel insurance to cover you for any medical assistance or repatriation that you could require during training and your race leg. We are currently negotiating a travel insurance policy that you will be required to take out if you cannot provide evidence of your own travel insurance policy that will cover you for throughout. We do not have the total cost for this yet, but it will not be more than £100 per leg assuming you meet their medical requirements.

Do I need to sign up with other people?

It is entirely up to you! The majority of people sign up on their own for our challenges, but we also get plenty of twos and threes of friends and family signing up.

What's life like onboard the boats?

Life onboard is basic. You will be carrying everything you need so that you can race without any external support. You'll be carrying all the food and water you need, which is a lot when you consider each person will be drinking 5 litres and consuming up to 6,000 calories per day. Eating, sleeping, ablutions, rowing and navigation all happen within a space of about 1.5m x 8m.

Our training will help you feel comfortable whilst moving around and living on the boat. By the time your training is over, you will have a realistic idea of what this aspect of the challenge will entail. As basic as it sounds, you'll be grateful of the primitive conditions, because any unnecessary weight becomes mighty irritating when miles from land!

Will I suffer from seasickness?

Seasickness is something that affects everyone at some stage – no matter how experienced a person may be. You might be one of the lucky ones who are more resilient to it, but even the finest seafarers suffer. The key to avoiding seasickness is learning what mechanisms trigger it for you.

We have a wealth of knowledge to help you with this, as we ourselves have had to overcome it in various ways. It is often said that those who maintain an eye on the horizon and keep busy, rarely suffer. Rowing will be perfect then!

Can friends and family follow my progress?

Yes, anyone can watch the excitement of the race unfold on their computer, tablet or smart phone. We are aware that those who stay behind whilst you carry out your adventure can often feel nervous, therefore we keep them updated with news releases on our website as well.

What can I do after I complete my Shoreseeker challenge?

We will be putting on many more Shoreseeker race series in different parts of the world. Once you have taken part in our one of our races, we're confident that you'll have a thirst for more. The great news is that all Shoreseeker experience carries forward, meaning that you'll not have to start your training again.

How are crews allocated?

We will always try to put you with people you either sign up with or anyone you trained with that you want to race with. Crews will be assessed during training to find people with similar goals and expectations from the challenge.

Although it is very much a race, this can mean very different things to many people, and we will aim to put those who want to win at all costs together, and those together who have winning 2nd on their list after enjoying the experience as a whole.

How does the racing work?

Although being first across the line is a very big factor, the race committee also take into account equipment breakages and any non-compliance with the race rules. Penalty points will be given for these things, so the first across the line, does not necessarily equal race winners if rules have been broken and equipment damaged.

What are the boats like?

Shoreseeker boats are at the forefront of ocean rowing boat design. They have been designed by Peter Bosgraaf and built by Rossiter Rowing Boats, the longest established ocean rowing boat builder in the world, now celebrating their 20th year. (Find out more)