An eventful conclusion to Shoreseeker race 1 trial

Despite all our hopes and optimism, Mother Nature had other ideas for the fate of race 1. 

All those at home watching the race tracker will be thinking "where on Earth are SS2 and SS3 off to?"

In reality, the crew of SS2 were airlifted to safety in the early hours of this morning.  All five crew are safe and well and next of kin have been notified.  

The weather has been extremely unpredictable throughout this race trial, and whilst the other 3 crews accepted a lift or a tow to be able to meet their time commitments back at home, the crew of SS2 battled on determined to get to Bosa unsupported.  After 18 hours on sea anchor yesterday, it became apparent that the low pressure system was not going to move to the NE as forecast and, with conditions rapidly deteriorating, SS2 requested a tow.  

However, with winds building throughout the night and the support yacht unable to assist in such sea states, the crew of SS2 suffered 2 capsizes in the early hours of this morning. Although all fine, skipper Rob took the decision to activate their EPIRB, which triggered in motion a search and rescue co-ordinated by MRCC La Garde, along with the assistance of MRCC Falmouth and MRCC Madrid.  It took just 4 hours from the moment of activation to the point where all five crew stepped off the rescue helicopter in Mahon, Menorca.  

Our enormous thanks go out to the MRCC La Garde, Madrid & Falmouth for such a swift and incredibly well organised rescue.

The crews are safe and well, following a precautionary visit to the hospital.  Aggie, Rob & Tasha will fly to Bosa tomorrow, whilst Claire & Nick will fly back home to London tonight.

So, in summary all crews are now on dry land and are safe, well, happy but gutted to have had the race ended by factors beyond their control.

We just need to work out how to get the 2 boats back. We'll keep you updated.

Team Shoreseeker (@shoreseekerrow)