Improving weather but slow progress

The weather did not get the memo when we were planning the Shoreseeker trial. We've seen some big weather in this beautiful part of the Mediterranean and still our teams press on. Those at home using the race tracker can switch on the overlay that shows the wind speed. In the past 24 hrs the winds have been pushing in to the red end of the scale meaning big waves and testing conditions. 

That said, just today the wind has dropped and the teams can gather momentum on their way to Mahon in Menorca.

Unfortunately, as was the case in race 1, real life commitments have meant that boat SS2 have requested a tow to get them closer to Menorca so that they can complete in good time and get flights and meet loved ones.  

SS1 however are now enjoying the calmer seas and are making good progress towards Menorca. They have the other support yacht in close company (SS4 is being towed by the support yacht - so you'll see them in close attendance on the tracker). 

This is again frustrating as both teams are extremely keen to get rowing and get distance covered but this is all part of the trial of this race format and safety is our main priority. 

We'll keep you updated as things progress and for now we're totally behind the guys in SS1 who are battling on and will hopefully be in Menorca in the next 24-36 hrs. 

Team Shoreseeker (@shoreseekerrow)