The other side...

Yesterday (Tuesday) lunch time the crew of Shoreseeker SS1 crossed the finish line in Mahon Marina in Menorca, the culmination of nearly 200NM of open water rowing.

We, at home, all know the Med as a warm and sunny retreat with sandy beaches and flat seas. These guys along with the team in SS2 and all the crews from race 1 know it as a fierce and powerful opponent when you're armed only with a set of oars. 

Nevertheless, in race 2 both teams went on the offensive right from the start and made serious inroads into the crossing from Bosa in Sardinia. 

SS2, due to being slightly behind the lead boat, got caught in the full fury of a relentless weather system that forced them to stay at sea anchor for long periods and so when the time came, opted for a tow from a support boat to make up ground on the way to Menorca. 

Safety has always been our primary concern throughout the trial and the conditions have really kept us on our toes. That said, the two support boats Sotllo and Cheeky Monkey have never been too far from the crews and their support has been fantastic. 

Unperturbed by fierce winds and huge waves the five guys in SS1 battled on, inch by inch, nautical mile by nautical mile. They too were forced to take cover on sea anchor when the weather was at its worst, but in the end they crossed the line, they got to the other side.

That's what all of this has been about. Shoreseeker is about adventure. About going up against the ocean and getting across it no matter what. And all our crews have done an incredible job and we're humbled by their enthusiasm and dedication. 

I hope they can all now put their feet up and start to digest some of the memories they'll take away from this experience.

Thanks to everyone for their support and encouragement throughout this trial.  

Team Shoreseeker (@shoreseekerrow)

The crew of SS1 light up Mahon Marina

The crew of SS1 light up Mahon Marina

Big high fives for a job well done

Big high fives for a job well done