Final training before the main event

Before the trial race kicks off in September, we wanted to get the crews used to the boats and other equipment over a series of training weekends throughout the summer months. 

The teams are trained on how to build a rowing action that maximises efficiency

The going was tough as for many of our crew members this was a fairly new experience (rowing on a machine is all well and good, but open water carries a new set of challenges). 

Over the course of the training weekends the crews gained full familiarity with the state-of-the-art boats, were instructed on navigation (by day and night), MOB (man overboard) drills, food and hydration, anchoring, sea anchoring and use of the navigational and safety equipment.  

The crews get to grips with the man overboard drills. 

But it wasn't all hard work. Part of the Shoreseeker experience is about having fun and building a great onboard atmosphere so we made sure there was ample opportunity for the teams to enjoy the experience.  

A taster of the sort of views the crews can expect come the week of the challenge.