A tough day at the oars

So despite optimistic predictions, Monday’s weather brought little respite for the teams battling to cross this feisty 300 mile stretch of the Mediterranean.

The day started with SS1 and SS4 under tow and finished much the same but with SS3 now under tow with the other support yacht.  

SS2 under the command of Rob Graham are still powering on like Trojan Warriors but a support yacht is in close vicinity, should they need a break overnight.

It’s tough going and frustrating for our teams as all they want to do is get rowing on the way to Sardinia but patience is wise at this stage so they can preserve their energy to get cracking once the weather subsides properly.

The teams were treated to an incredible sunset which hopefully will start to usher in some more manageable weather in the morning. (Picture hopefully to follow at some point.)

Our reports from the support yachts mention that spirits are still very high and everyone is desperate to get under way again so hopefully some more positive reports in the morning.

“The conditions this evening are calmer and sea state getting easier, so fingers crossed, we'll soon be past this frustrating weather and on our way again.”

We’ll update more as soon as we know more.

See you on the other side.

Team Shoreseeker