Tough conditions, determined crews.

No one ever said it was going to be easy. Ocean rowing is not an easy thing, by any stretch. But there’s nothing challenging about ‘easy’.

Despite the idyllic looking scenes leaving Barcelona, the crews experienced some challenging weather conditions over the weekend.

You might have noticed some of the boats pointing backwards at certain points over the weekend; this wasn’t a last minute dash for port, but the boats stationary on sea anchor. This is a drill the teams are trained for when the conditions prove tricky to navigate and it’s a wiser move to conserve energy and take shelter in the cabins.

Both SS1 and SS4 were at sea anchor for a while over the weekend, whilst in constant contact with the two support yachts who were monitoring their progress carefully.

As the conditions subsided, SS1 and SS4 were put under tow with the support yachts very early this morning to allow the crews to get some rest and keep them in touch with the lead boats, SS3 and SS2.

You'll notice on the tracker that they're suddenly making good progress!

Our news direct from the support yachts is that “everyone is fine and no one hurt, just some drained people. 

Spirits are high across the fleet with SS1 & SS4 expected to continue racing tomorrow. Until then, they shall rest, eat and re-charge.”

The weather is tough, but our crews are tougher and they are well supported.

Keep checking back for updates.

See you on the other side.

 Team Shoreseeker (@shoreseekerrow)