The benefits of trialling our concept – learn, adapt and improve

Those of you born and living in the UK will know that sometimes the weather just won’t do what you want, no matter what plans you make. 

Due to some tough conditions and after much hard deliberation, the crews of SS1, SS3 and SS4 have reluctantly decided to stay under tow the rest of the way to Sardinia.

This by no means constitutes giving up. The teams are desperate to continue at any opportunity and have made an awesome effort. 

The weather just wouldn’t let up and commitments at home mean that the race would have taken much longer to complete than the 4-6 days we anticipated. So flights home, real life and jobs beckon.

This is a learning for us in expectation setting. This was always designed to be a trial of our concept and we’re really pleased with the way it has gone; the amazing attitude and enthusiasm of our crews and the really good positive support coming from home via social and other online channels.

The relentless crew of SS2 is still pressing on through some fairly trying weather. They’ve had an incredible run and are an example to everyone on how to row directly into headwinds and fierce waves.

They're set to receive some more frustrating wind in 24 hours time from the East, so hopefully they can keep spirits high. One support yacht is shadowing them, so they have great company.

The rest of the crews should be in by late tomorrow night (Wednesday) but we will keep an eye on weather and conditions and will have a better ETA early tomorrow morning.  The teams will be rowing into Nautica Pinna Marina on the north side of the river.

As I say, this was a trial, designed for us to learn about how this would play out. We’re learning, and we’ll take all we’ve learned into our next Shoreseeker Challenge. The return leg is still planned to take place next week. 

Until then, let's all get behind the team aboard SS2. 

See you on the other side.

Team Shoreseeker (@shoreseekerrow)