Welcome, Amy Bryant!

We’re thrilled to welcome Amy Bryant to the Shoreseeker family.  Amy has recently graduated with a 1st in Marketing from the University of Portsmouth, and brings a wealth of marketing experience from a local solicitor’s firm and the Mary Rose Museum.

Amy, 24, practices mindfulness and enjoys being outside in natural areas.  She really enjoys going to festivals and events which allow her to experience a different way of living, and is partial to playing video games and reading fantasy novels, especially when in the company of her cat, Mia.

Amy loves eco retreats and plans to visit places all over the world to experience different ways of living to her own.  Her last holiday was staying in a tree house in Portugal where there was no electricity, a vegetable patch to source food from and wild boars running underneath the house, “it was pretty much perfect!”

“Finishing my degree was almost certainly one the proudest and scariest moments of my life! Receiving a good grade opened many doors to me, but I wanted to be sure that I worked for a company that has the same values as myself. This is what drew me to Shoreseeker who I felt was offering a genuine experience to people in an honest and profound way. The job description was very creative and I felt as though I could make a difference in marketing something that enhances the lives of others.

“I am most excited about seeing the look on someone’s face after they finish a Shoreseeker challenge and knowing they reached this time in their life from marketing done by me. Understanding that my skills can result in such a momentous achievement in someone’s life is what is driving me to do the best I can.

“I think Shoreseeker appeals to anyone who sits and says: there is more for me. Be it more achievement, overcoming limitations or experiencing something new, Shoreseeker allows people to break away from the ordinary. A basic level of fitness and desire to go beyond the ordinary is all a person needs. I believe it gives honest adventure in its purest form to anyone who is willing and that is the beauty of the company.”

Fortuitously, Amy was able to join us on the first sea trial of our new boats over the weekend.  Amy was a natural, it was a fantastic day out on the open water, after many months of hard work by Rossiter Yachts.  Watch out for Amy’s thoughts on the new boats, later in the week. 

A very warm welcome Amy, wishing you every success and a huge amount of fun!