Leg 2: A challenging tidal row as you navigate passed the Race of Alderney and the Casquets

Leg 2: Le Havre to Guernsey

Leg: Two, Le Havre to Guernsey
When: 21st - 27th July 2018
Distance: 120 miles
Length of Row: 4 days of rowing
What to Expect: A challenging tidal row as you navigate passed the Race of Alderney and the Casquets, culminating in a stunning welcome into St Peter Port
Interesting fact: The world’s first underwater arrest occurred in Guernsey.


As Le Havre disappears from the horizon, you'll soon be offshore with nothing but water around you.  This leg is split into 3 parts, and so expect the leader board to change multiple times throughout the race.  The first part, which covers about half the distance of the leg will be crossing the Baie de Seine, which will include anything from beautiful flat water to short sharp waves challenging you.  With the second part of the leg you'll be focusing on staying south of the shipping lane and ensuring you are sufficiently offshore as you pass Cherbourg.

The third part of the leg is arguably the toughest, where you'll be navigating the island of Alderney and battling some of the strongest tides in the English Channel.  Teams who time their positioning really well, will be able to use the tides to their advantage and either secure their lead or potentially propel themselves from further down the field to the front.

The final 20 miles of the race will provide views of Alderney, Herm, Sark and finally your destination, St Peter Port on the East Coast of Guernsey. The port is in the main town of Guernsey, so there will be plenty of places to relax and celebrate after a gruelling but very rewarding race.

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