Over the course of the race, we are here to ensure that you have everything you need - so don't worry about losing your head when it comes to the race start!

Our UK Race Series typically follow a similar format. Although you will be made aware of specific timings ahead of your race, we like to follow a set routine before any race. When it comes to events like these, the devil is in the detail and you can be sure that we will always have your back.



We ask everyone to arrive by midday on the first day of your leg. What will follow will be two full days of all the necessary preparations before you head out to sea. There is a lot to prepare for taking on an adventure like this and it is critical that all the crew know where everything is located around the boat.

You will likely spend half a day packing the boat, carefully selecting where everything goes so that you can find it in the shortest possible time.  There is nothing more frustrating than not being able to find that fresh t-shirt when you wake before needing to be on-deck, sat in your rowing seat at watch change over. Food, water, snacks, first-aid kits, grab bags, sleeping bags, flare buckets, sunglasses, caps, personal clothing all need to be housed so that you can minimise wasted time and maximise sleep time.

You will also be required to attend, weather briefings, route briefings, safety briefings and team planning sessions to make sure that all the team are happy with the watch systems and their positions on the boat.  You need to factor in some time with the crew to get out on-the-water and go for a refresher row, to re-acquaint you with the boat and the way everything works.

Weather permitting, race start will be in the early hours of the third day, so that you have a full day of light to get bedded into the routine and offshore before your first night row.  What will follow will be a real adventure.  In the words of a past crew member, "What I was staggered by was the fact that not one watch was the same.  Although we rowed 2 hours on, 2 hours off, there wasn't one watch that was the same as any of the previous ones.  The weather, the light, the morale of the crew, levels of hydration and sustenance, all made each watch totally unique."

A big part of the challenge will be knowing that there are other teams out there with you.  They will act as competition but also galvanise you during the tougher moments.  Knowing that you're there with your team in your little boat is one thing, but knowing that you are part of a much bigger event makes it all the more exciting and enjoyable.

When you cross the finish line will depend entirely on the weather and how well you and your team gel.  What we can assure you is that it won't matter where you come in the race, the feeling of personal achievement and that of your team and what you have overcome will be something you will hold close to you forever.

Once safely on dry land in a totally new city (or maybe country!) that you have propelled yourself to by human power alone, it is time to celebrate with your team and all the crews at the prize giving party.  What you will have achieved will be very special and there may be time to celebrate before you head home.


Check out our training page if you have not previously trained with us. This, alongside our race schedule, will prepare you for the moment that starter horn sounds...

Together, we will create the experience of a lifetime.