The rowing is only one aspect of this journey. Your team will bring the rest. 

Shoreseeker attracts people from all walks of life... and then puts them in a small 30-foot rowing boat. This team is vital not only to ensuring the boat is constantly moving, but also to your experience. They say that the boat only functions as well as its crew, but they miss the part that it helps you function to.

Our challenges are much more than a physical challenge and overcoming the mental aspects often feel like the highest of achievements. You will only reach this with a well formed and communicative team. Together you will need to find the best way of keeping everyone fed, rested and clean onboard, whilst simultaneously keeping the boat moving.

A teams ability to motivate is also vital: if you can keep your spirits up during that rainy 3am shift, then you may just be on the winning boat! Most people sign up to Shoreseeker on their own but you can also team up with a friend or partner…or request that you’re on competing teams. 


How teams are formed

The image above shows an example of one of the teams who formed the crew of SS2 during our 2015 Mediterranean race series, all of whom met each other for the first time through Shoreseeker.  We aim to put like-minded people together on the same boat, so whether your aim is to win or just to experience all that you can, you can be happy that those alongside you have similar goals. If you would prefer, you can request to be put on a same sex boat, as we understand that this is an important factor to many people. Either way, you will train with others competing in the same leg as you.

Where you ask to be put on the same boat as other people, we aim to try and meet your requests wherever possible. We want you to feel comfortable with those you compete with, as this will surely enhance your experience! 

By the time you step off your boat, you will have created strong bonds with your crew. Your shared experiences and joint achievement will connect you forever.